Cardinal Is Community

Serving our local neighbors is extremely important at Cardinal Auto Wash. We’re always evolving and looking for ways we can connect with the community. It takes all of us to make sure our community will continue to prosper for years to come. We look forward to having the opportunity to do our part and make a difference.

Fundraising & Donating

Car Wash Mentor, Ohio
Car Wash Mentor, Ohio
Car Wash Mentor, Ohio

Need to raise money? Let us help by using our fundraising program! The process is simple and takes no time at all to get setup. We donate a portion of proceeds for all paid washes we receive during the fundraiser. Depending on what wash is purchased we will donate $2, $3, or $4 dollars to you fundraiser and or charity. Also, if any gift cards are sold during the fundraiser. We here at Cardinal Auto Wash will give you half of the total purchase cost. If a $20 gift card was sold, $10 would be donated to the charity or fundraiser. Did we also mention your organization does not have to wash any vehicles or be on site! It’s an excellent program to take advantage of to reach the goals your team is looking to achieve.

Want to get started? Please fill out the form below.

All donation requests must be in person and discussed with an onsite manager.